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CSA Week 4

Posted 6/27/2011 7:27am by Gregg Keckler.

Dear Folks,
   This week's shares will include:  Blueberries, Sour Cherries, zucchini/summer squash, cucumbers, lettuce mix, black/red raspberries, red beets

Last week only one fruit - this week 3.  That evens the score.

    Blueberries are in and heavy.  Use them in muffins, pancakes, with shortcake or just plain with honey or sugar.  Sour cherries are a very short season.  These are the old Mortmorency variety so they will turn brown (or brick red) quickly.  Don't worry they are still great to cook with.  Make a pie, cobbler, or crisp.  Mix them with blueberries, rhubarb, or strawberries.  Don't be afiiad to mix fruits.  I rarely make a crisp or a pie with only one fruit.  I made a strawberry/raspberry sauce for a torte this weekend - delicious!

   This week you will either get zucchini or summer squash.  We have the long neck vareity and the small patty pan variety.  Use them all interchangeably.  Try grilling, steaming, baking and stirfrying squash.  
    Cucmbers are great in salad or as a side dish.  Enjoy the lettuce mix - in a few weeks as it gets hotter and drier the lettuce will be gone.  Add red beets greens to your salads.  Enjoy the beet tops now too.  As it gets hotter they will get bitter and we cut them off.

This is the perishable score for the week.

1. Black/ red raspberries (will mold quickly)
2. Lettuce mix
3. Sour cherries
4. Cucumber and squash
5. Blueberries
6. Red beets

Please be sure to regrigerate all the items this week.  If you see you aren't going to get to something quick enough, just freeze it.  Even a small quanity frozen can be used with other items later.  Wouldn't it be great to find a cup of blueberries in your freezer in January?

On another note:  The deadline to sign up for the second session beginning the week of July 25 is July 15.  If you want to sign up, just send us a check with a small note with your name and delivery spot - no need to print off another subscription form.   Don't procrastinate!   If a friend or coworker wants to sign up and they are new - have them send a subscription form as well.

  Happy eating this week!  Gregg and Louise Keckler - Orchard Country Produce

Rhubarb  - $2.00/bunch
Pink Lady apples - $3.00/six apples
Snow peas - $4.00/quart
Lettuce Mix - $3.00/bag
Extras List:

$9.99/lb                                                              $11.99/lb                                                       $14.99/lb
Farmers                                                               Smoked Cheddar                                          Mild Goat Gouda
Cheddar                                                              Smoked Jalapeño
Baby Swiss                                                          Sharp Cheddar
Dill and Bacon
Tomato and Basil


 $4.50/lb                                                              $6.99/lb                                                        $7.99/lb
Lean Ground Beef (1 lb pack)                                 Round Steak                                                 Flank Steak

$11.99/lb                                                              $13.99/lb                                                      $15.99/lb
New York Strip (2 steaks/pk)                                 Flat Iron (2 steaks/pk)                            Filet Mignon (2 st/pk)
Sirloin Steak                                                          Delmonico (2 steaks/pk)  
Sirloin Tip (2 steaks/pk)

JAMS                                                                    EGGS                                                              BUTTER
$4.50/half pint jar                                                 $4.00/doz                                                     $3.50/half pound
Red Heart Plum
Black Cherry                                                          HONEY
Grape                                                                     $5.00/half pint jar
Orange Marmalade
Pink Lady and Pomegranate

7 inch sausage links   $4.99/lb (pack of 3- 4)
Breakfast links    $5.99/lb   (about 3/4 lb per pack)
Fresh pork steaks from the shoulder $5.99/lb (2 per pack)
Pork chops $5.99/lb (2 per pack)
Smoked pork bologna $8.00/lb or $4.00/half lb