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CSA week 4

Posted 6/22/2015 8:29am by Gregg Keckler.

Dear Folks,

Thanks to all for the boxes or at least the promise of boxes.  You cannot imagine how much these kinds of things add up to in overhead which has nothing to do with actual farming.  Please remember to bring them back each week. 

This week's shares include:

half and full shares:

sweet cherries

hull peas

lettuce heads

summer squash

spring onions

pickling cucumbers



personal shares:

sweet cherries

lettuce heads

summer squash

spring onions

pickling cucumbers



Enjoy the rhubarb.  This is the last time for this year. 

We are trying to keep ahead of the weeds, but inevitably,  especially with all the rain that is hard.  We have a crew of men coming this week to weed and string up tomatoes.  The tall weeds surrounding the lettuce heads invite the slugs to sneak in and feast without impunity. So if you run into a slug in the lettuce, be thankful that we do not spray and instead we hire real people to weed the lettuce. 

hull peas are great, but you MUST hull them.  You cannot eat the shells!  These are sometimes called English peas.  One quart of hull peas will usually yield about a pint of peas.


I have added many new vegetables, herbs and fruits to the store.  Please check these out.  if you were planning to purchase these items at the store any way. please consider adding them to your share.  You will be supporting a local farmer and you will be helping us to sell our items without having to haul them to auction.

You can order and pay immediately with a credit card or you can keep a running total and pay with a check at the end of the session.  If you choose to pay with a check you can take a 4% discount from the price listed on the store.

We have specials! 

We are selling apples for apple sauce - $15.00 half bushel or two half bushel for $20.  This is a mix of good apples - all sweet, just soft.

Our other specials!

$10 a half bushel ( tomato box) for large zucchini and summer squash

$20 half bushel for medium to small size zucchini and summer squash

$20 half bushel for snow peas

$20 half bushel for kohlrabi

$10.00 peck for pickling cukes

$20 banana boxes of kale all varieties - Green, red, Tuscan

$20 banana box of Swiss Chard


Let us know if you would be interest in any of these specials.  Go together and buy as a group, Have a party!  Plan a lot of canning, freezing or pickling.

thanks for being part of our farm.  Let us know if you need anything else in bulk, we may have it!

See everyone this week. 

Gregg, Louise, and Oliver Keckler

Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm ,Inc