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CSA week 7

Posted 7/11/2016 9:55am by Gregg Keckler.
Summer CSA session begins July 19 
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What's in the box?
Week 7
Spring, 2016
half and full shares
summer squash
Swiss Chard
new potatoes
mystery vegetable
mystery fruit
"Hail-kissed" peaches
Personal shares
Swiss Chard
new potatoes
mystery vegetable
"Hail-kissed" peaches
Hail - kissed peaches are not a new variety.  They are peaches that were bombarded with hail several weeks ago and now they are ready to eat, but they aren't the prettiest peaches.  They taste great, but are pock-marked from the hail.
The cucumbers have a bit of scab on them.  It is from the wet weather.  This proves that we do not spray our vegetables!
Mysteries are truly mysteries.  We do not even know what you will be getting until we bring it in from the field and figure out if there is enough.  So it will be a surprise to you and to us!
We have enjoyed having you all participate in our spring CSA session.  I believe that this has been the most difficult year for fruit in the spring that we have know since we started the CSA in 2006.
The summer should get easier, although there will not be many plums this year; at least not until possibly September with the prune plums.
It looks like a good apple year and plenty of watermelon and cantaloupe.
If you are will not be joining us for the summer session.  Have a great summer and consider the CSA for the fall or next year! 
You can always visit one of our market stands if you are in the vicinity.
Sign up now for the summer session.  Go to the website and check your membership status to see if you are signed up for the summer.
The store is open! We have new items added to the store each week.  You can add these to your share at any time.   You can pay for these as you go with a credit card or you can choose to wait until the end of the session and get a 4% discount by sending a check.
If you have any questions, please let us know. 
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