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Farm News - March (belated)

Posted 4/4/2018 2:01pm by Gregg Keckler.

If you are Cynthia Whitman or you know her, please contact me!


What's happening on the farm

We have all been busy in spite of the difficult weather.  We thought March would come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, but not so.  In like a lion and out like a lion.  That makes sense- since when does a lion turn into a lamb, anyway? 

Cleaning out the barn and spreading chicken and turkey manure on the fields was a top priority for this month.  We got a new bactch of 20 week old pullets.  We had a LOT of piglets born.  One sow had 18 (!) piglets of which 12 survived.  They are all healthy and well.  Unfortunately 9 of them were boars so Oliver had to do some surgery.  He did a great job and all barrows are doing great. 

The last of the old apple trees were uprooted and burnt.  We will let that field set fallow this year in preparation for new trees next spring.  There were a lot of trees down this winter so Oliver and Juan were cutting wood and clearing up fallen trees.  The pruning of all trees is finished.  The pruning of all raspberries and blackberries is done.  There have been many seeds planted in the greenhouse during March - vegetables and flowers.  The high tunnel has been filled with salad greens, spring onions, radishes, spinach, kale and peas for spring markets.  Hopefully those who come to the St Luke's and NGS Farm Stands in April will enjoy these great high tunnel offerings.  The rhubarb is just about to pop out of the ground. 

All the fruit trees were sprayed with dormant oil this month to help keep the San Jose Scale which we noticed last year from infecting all the trees.  Last year's very wet growing season was the culprit for this infection.  Hopefully it has been caught in time.

Markets and Farm Stand News

It is hard to believe that April is the beginning of the market season again.  Gregg will be starting at NGS on Tuesday, April 17. 

Oliver has been and will be continuing to come to St Luke's on Saturdays. 

Thanks to all who have continued to buy even when there was very little to buy!  Your support has helped us to keep ahead during the winter months.

Family News

Isabelle is working hard on those first teeth.  They are the worst!

  Gregg and I have had several blessings this month.  Our twin daughters both had babies this month. Sarah Reynolds had a little girl, Lillian on March 21 and Martha Caudill had twins - a little girl, Felicity and a little boy, Benjamin on March 28.  So we now have 15 grandchildren and counting!

CSA News

Thanks to all who have signed up for the CSA for 2018.  All 46 of you!  Thanks so much!  We are stilling taking subscriptions if anyone did not sign up, but wishes to.  Check the website for prices and information or email us.


I hope that you have been outside daily!  The fresh air  and sunshine are the BEST medicine to cure all ills - physical, mental and emotional.  We are enjoying the birds and budding of trees.  In the winter I always bring in sprigs of Red Twig Dogwood and let them come to bud and leaf.  It adds such greenery to the dull winter.  Now I have Forsythia in vases throughout the house to add bits of green and yellow.  Great formula for all ills!


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