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Farm News from Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm

Posted 10/18/2019 2:22pm by Gregg Keckler.

Fall is here and it has been a great year!

 Market sales have all been up this year!  Thanks to everyone for supporting us at each farm market and farm stand.

We are still seeding: in the green house: lettuce, pac choi, radishes. red beets, arugala and small turnips for the high tunnel so that we will have fresh crops for winter and early spring markets. 

We are building  a new high tunnel right now!  We are excited about this new project.  This new tunnel will give us more room to grow winter crops and it will also give us a covered area to grow more of the wonderful cherry tomatoes that all the customers rave about at each market.

We are harvesting now : lettuce, spinach, radishes, arugula, green beans, broccoli, Swiss chard, carrots, beets, zucchini, Brussels Sprouts,  raspberries, and kale.

WE have Stored for the Winter:  onions, cabbage, carrots, beets, winter squash, pumpkins, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and apples.


We are cleaning all the black plastic out of the fields; pulling tomato stakes; seeding cover crops on all open ground; mowing everything; pruning blackberries and gooseberries; weeding strawberries.

We are managing the layers, hogs, and broilers.  We will be butchering a batch of broilers in two weeks.



St Luke's  open NOW -  Saturdays - 8 - 1 pm

NGS in the Courtyard  open NOW -  Tuesdays 7:30 - 2 pm

East Columbia Library open NOW -Thursdays -  12 noon - 6 pm

Belle View Farm Stand  open NOW - Thursdays - 3 - 7 pm


Fairfax Community Market open until October 26- Saturdays - 8 - 1 pm

Check out one of these locations to see some great fresh fall vegetables and GOOD Apple Cider!


We had a great year for many fruits including:  strawberries, peaches, blueberries and raspberries.  The black raspberries did very well for the first year.

We had great vegetables as well

lettuce -every week until August and  every week since September 1

zucchini - every week since Memorial Day

Cucumbers - every week since Memorial Day

Green beans - Wow! every week since July 12

garlic - sold more garlic so far than we ever have in any one year!

Sweet potatoes - huge!  the largest so far - 7 lbs for one sweet potato

Cherry tomatoes - the sweetest and the best we ever had!

The list could go on and on.  It has been a great year!


Family news

We (Gregg and Louise) had a couple more grandchildren arrive.  19 and still counting!

On May 28  Lucinda Shedd was born to Virginia and Dan.  Those of you at Westminster and Columbia will remember our daughter, Virginia. 

On September 18  Remington Keckler was born to Oliver and Lizzie.  Everyone knows Oliver! 




Gregg and Louise Keckler

Oliver and Elisabeth Keckler and Isabelle and Remington, too