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What's at the Orchard Country Produce Farm Stand @Fairfax Community Market - Saturday, May 30

Posted 5/29/2020 7:29am by Gregg Keckler.
Pre-orders Welcome!
Come out to the Farmer's market!
Fairfax Community Market
10500 Page Ave. Fairfax, VA
from 8-1pm
Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm, Inc


  Come out and buy local farm products from the real farmer!


Fuji apples
RHUBARB (last Chance)


Lettuce mix
green onions
 FRESH Spinach
Fresh Swiss Chard


flowers - balsam, four o'clocks, cleome, lupine

herbs - parsley, cilantro, chive, lemon grass

vegetable plants - tomatoes, hot peppers, peppers, eggplant, watermelon




Great Farm Products

Home grown Eggs from our chickens
Homemade jellies and jams from our fruits
Shagbark Hickory Syrup
Our own Meats



 Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm