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CSA week 3

Posted 9/26/2011 9:21am by Gregg Keckler.
Dear Folks,
    This week's share will include:  Cortland apples, Asian pears, Apple cider, mystery item, tomatoes, acorn/butternut squash, broccoli, Spanish onion.
The Cortland apples is a white fleshed sweet/tart apples.  This weekend I made an apple pie with Cortland apples.  I cooked some cider,  sugar and  pecans and poured it over the top crust.  It was delicious!
      Enjoy the tomatoes.  Each tomato I eat I keep thinking it will be the last of the season.
     If you can't use all the onions right away, keep them in your crisper in the frig.  They should keep for quite a while.  I am freezing all the half rotten onions.  I chop them and put them in freezer bags for use in the winter.  They are great in soup.

     Remember to give all the cartons and boxes back.    Each quart box cost 12 cents, each pint cost 7 cents,each CSA box- $1.75, each tag - 75 cents, each strap to hold the tag - 11 cents, These things add up, so please return them to us along with the also jelly and honey jars too.

     If we can get into the ground, we would like to give some potatoes and sweet potatoes, but it has been so wet that we can't begin to get a plow in the ground.  Hopefully this week will be sunny and dry out the ground and help the greens grow.  We are also having more trouble with rot and fungi on cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts this fall because of the wet and damp.

Enjoy the week!

Gregg and Louise Keckler - Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm


Nectarines - $4.00/quart
Basil - $2.00 bunch
Swiss chard - $2.00/bunch
1/4 lb(approx)arugala - $2.50
Butternut squash - $2.00
acorn squash - $2.00
Bunch of radishes (about 8-10) $1.50

Eating apples - $4.00/quart  (choose a variety)
    Honey Crisp - Sweet, tart, crunchy
    Buckeye Gala - Sweet, crisp
    Jonagold - Sweet crisp
    Sun Crisp - tart, crisp
    Stayman Winesap - tart, crisp

Ghost Chili peppers - $1.00/each
    About the size of a ping pong ball

Red Warty Things -  reddish-orange pumpkin covered with warty bumps
        basketball size- decorative and edible - $6.00

Red Warty Things - $6.00 
Indian Corn bunches of three - $2.50

Apple Cider
gallon - $5.00
1/2 gallon - $3.50

Apples for sauce  
Smokehouse (tart)
Summer Rambo (tart, soft)
$9.00 / peck
$16.00/ 1/2 bushel


 $4.50/lb                                                              $6.99/lb                                                        $3.50/lb
Lean Ground Beef (1 lb pack)                                 Round Steak                                                Beef liver (1 lb pk)
                                                                              Flank Steak
$11.99/lb                                                              $13.99/lb                                                      $15.99/lb
New York Strip (1 steak/pk)                                 Flat Iron (1 steak/pk)                            Fillet Mignon (1 st/pk)
Sirloin Steak                                                          Delmonico (2 steaks/pk)  

about 3 - 4 lb whole chickens    $5.99 /lb


$9.99/lb                                                              $11.99/lb                                                       $14.99/lb
Farmers                                                               Smoked Cheddar                                           mild Goat Gouda
Cheddar                                                               Smoked Jalapeño
Baby Swiss                                                          Sharp Cheddar
Colby jack

JAMS                                                                    EGGS                                                              BUTTER
$4.50/half pint jar                                                 $4.00/doz                                                     $3.50/half pound
Red Heart Plum
Black Cherry                                                          HONEY
Grape                                                                      $5.00/half pint jar
Orange Marmalade
Pink Lady and Pomegranate