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CSA Week 6

Posted 10/17/2011 9:18am by Gregg Keckler.
Dear Folks,
  This week's list includes:  apple cider, Suncrisp apples, honey, acorn squash, cauliflower, and 2 mystery items.

   We are still not able to get into the place where the potatoes are buried.  We still need some drier weather in order to get a plow into the ground.  So the mystery items will be probably items above ground. 
     The honey is our own raw honey - straight from the hive!  I do not refrigerate it, but just sit it on the counter.  If it should crystalize, you can heat it or just use it crystalized.  Many people prefer crystalized honey because it is easier to spead.  When you finish with the jar, PLEASE RETURN IT!
     Try to find different recipes to use winter squash.  This is their heyday - enjoy them!  I made a side dish with acorn squash, onion, celery, and dried cranberries.  It was a savory dish and was delicious with sausage gravy.  There are many sweet or savory recipes for winter squash.  Suncrisp apples are a nice, tart, crisp, yellow apple.

       We will be butchering turkeys this week.  We do not have many, but we will give the CSA first chance to buy them.  Let us know if you would be interested in buying a turkey.  I am sorry but we do not have a price yet, but they should be mostly 10-15 lb/each.  They will be frozen.  We have had them out on grass and have supplemented with a turkey grower (no animal proteins).     

     We have had a lot of response for the winter deliveries.  We are coordinating delivery areas and possible days.  We need to find a good convenient location near DOT that everyone near there can go to.  If you want a delivlery at/near DOT and you have adequate space for a delivery and a place where folks can pick up their items, please let us know. 

     So far these places will deifintely have deliveries -DOT area,  DC NE(between 10th and 12th St., NGS, Gangplank Marina, Bethesda(near Cedar Lane Church), JBS(North Bethesda), Rockville, Gaithersburg, Columbia/Ellicot City. 
  We have had some response from these places, but need a few more for a delivery:  River Park, Mt Vernon, Reisterstown, Westminster.  Email if you would like to be part of a winter delivery to any of these areas. 

Let us know if your location would like a delivery.

Enjoy the fall!   Gregg and Louise Keckler - Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm

Basil - $2.00 bunch
Swiss chard - $2.00/bunch
1/4 lb(approx)arugala - $2.50
Butternut squash - $2.00
Acorn squash - $2.00
Bunch of radishes (about 8-10) $1.50
Bunch of celery - $3.00

Eating apples - $4.00/quart  (choose a variety)
    Honey Crisp - Sweet, tart, crunchy
    Jonagold - Sweet crisp
    Sun Crisp - tart, crisp
    Stayman Winesap - tart, crisp
    Nittany - tart, sweet, crisp
    Northern Spy - tart
    Fuji - sweet crisp
    Granny Smith - tart, crisp

Buy Bulk Eating apples
     $20.00 - 1/2 bushel
      $12.00 - peck
      $4.00 - quart

Ghost Chili peppers - $1.00/each
    About the size of a ping pong ball

Red Warty Things -  reddish-orange pumpkin covered with warty bumps
        basketball size- decorative and edible - $6.00

Red Warty Things - $6.00 
Indian Corn bunches of three - $2.50

Neck pumpkins - $5.00
Jack -O-Lantern pumpkins - $5.00

Apple Cider
gallon - $5.00
1/2 gallon - $3.50

Apples for sauce  
Mixed varieties
$9.00 / peck
$16.00/ 1/2 bushel


 $4.50/lb                                                              $6.99/lb                                                        $3.50/lb
Lean Ground Beef (1 lb pack)                                 Round Steak                                                Beef liver (1 lb pk)
                                                                              Flank Steak
$11.99/lb                                                              $13.99/lb                                                      $15.99/lb
New York Strip (1 steak/pk)                                 Flat Iron (1 steak/pk)                            Filet Mignon (1 st/pk)
Sirloin Steak                                                          Delmonico (2 steaks/pk)  

Sweet Bologna (Beef) $8.00/lb and $4.00/half lb

about 3 - 4 lb whole chickens    $5.99 /lb   ONLY FOUR LEFT!


$9.99/lb                                                              $11.99/lb                                                       $14.99/lb
Farmers                                                               Smoked Cheddar                                           mild Goat Gouda
Cheddar                                                               Smoked Jalapeño
Baby Swiss                                                          Sharp Cheddar
Colby jack

JAMS                                                                    EGGS                                                              BUTTER
$4.50/half pint jar                                                 $4.00/doz                                                     $3.50/half pound
Red Heart Plum
Black Cherry                                                          HONEY
Grape                                                                      $5.00/half pint jar
Orange Marmalade
Pink Lady and Pomegranate