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CSA Week 7 Last week

Posted 7/16/2012 10:47am by Gregg Keckler.
Dear Folks,

 This is the last week of the srping session.  It has been a unique session with more summer than spring.  That makes each year different!  We have enjoyed having everyone with us for this spring.  We hope that you will sign up for the summer session if you are able.  You can go to the website: www.orchardcountryproduce.com and click membership update to sign up for the summer session. 

The deadline to sign up is JULY 19 - this THURSDAY sign up now!  If you sign up with paypal you can pay right then.  If you decide to send a check, you can take a deduction on the price.  Price for checks - $160.00 for half share and $300.00 for full share. 

 I will be sending everyone who ordered extras for this session emails with the balance due later this week after your delivery - Be watching for it. 

This week's shares - will include: peaches, apricots, zucchini, summer sweet onions, kale, basil, tomatoes, blueberries

The peaches are still considered cling peaches - in other words just eat them do not try to cut them off the stone.  some of them have been free stone especially if they are very ripe. The onions are great.  They are good Candy sweet onions.  They are great raw or in stirfries or on the grill.  The tomatoes are just the smallish red ones yet.  We will be picking the heirloom tomatoes in about two weeks.   These tomatoes are great on sandwiches and in salads.  You may be getting tire of blueberries.  It is very easy to freeze them.  Just put a cup or a half of a cup of berries in a zip loc bag and freeze them.  They would be great to find on a cold day in January! 

Enjoy this week's things.  Have a cookout - do some grilling, but most importantly- GET OUTSIDE!  Whether it is raining, hot, muggy or perfect weather going outside will refresh your body, soul, and mind.  You will be amazed at what you can get done if you take a half hour outside each day!   

If you will not be back for the summer, thanks for supporting our farm and being a part of our little enterprise for this year.  We look forward to seeing you again next spring.  Keep in touch!

Gregg, Louise, Virginia, and Oliver Keckler - Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm