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December Farm News!

Posted 12/7/2012 1:25pm by Gregg Keckler.

Hello all,

Between the final weeks of market, our first Winter Delivery, and preparations for Thanksgiving, November just flew by for us!  In fact, we are coming up on our second winter delivery this month- if you are interested in participating for December and would like further information, please send an e-mail and I’ll add you to the e-mail list.

Well, December greeted us warmly- literally- as we just had a few consecutive days of 60 – 70 degree weather! Although we’ve been in winter mode for a few weeks now, those few days of sunshine helped us kick into high gear as we continue to clean up around the farm.

Oliver and Sarah have been the “cleaning crew” outside and are whittling down the To-Do-Before-Snow-Falls list at an astonishing rate.  They have cleaned out the main produce barn, scrubbed down 2 of the 3 cooling units, packed up the crates, boxes, and bags for next year, put tractors, implements, and the wagons all in the sheds & barns, and are now cleaning out the chicken house, spreading the manure, and repairing the wear & tear on the shed.

Gregg has been making batches of jams and jellies using fruit that we put up in the freezer during the summer.  It’s great to have the house smelling like strawberry jam every morning!  He is also perusing the seed catalogs and placing orders for spring as well as starting some seeds off in the greenhouse. 

We are working on getting the new 2013 CSA information up on the website so folks can sign up for next year after January 1st.  We are also working on putting up some more recent photos on our website and Facebook page, so stay tuned to those for winter updates.  We are also updating our “Testimonials” page on the website and adding reviews from customers on their experience with our farm- you can e-mail us any reviews and we will post them, or you can go on LocalHarvest.org and post them there on our profile (search for Orchard Country Produce, Gardners, PA).

Thank you for your support of our small, family-run, sustainable farming.  Even though we are more than ready to take a break in the winter, we discover that we miss you all during the off-season and look forward to seeing you next year!  In the meantime, we hope you are able to enjoy some produce from our Winter Deliveries and enjoy the upcoming holidays and winter season!

Gregg, Louise, Sarah, Virginia, and Oliver Keckler  - Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm