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Farm News - April

Posted 4/8/2015 5:24pm by Gregg Keckler.

Dear Friend of the Farm,

Spring has Sprung!  We are overwhelmed with work.  One month ago we were trying to find things to do to keep busy outside.  Now we are so busy that we cannot keep up. 

Gregg, Oliver, Juan and Julie planted all the sweet onions.  We are hoping to get the leeks planted tomorrow.  Saturday at the work day we are hoping to get a lot of garlic transplanted, blackberry bushes planted and possibly strawberries planted.

Gregg is finishing up with the jam and applesauce for the year.  He is still trying to squeeze in time to make a couple more batches of Shag Bark Hickory syrup. 

We settled on part of the land that we were planning to purchase in March!  Now Oliver will be signing the papers for the second part which is the house and outbuildings this Friday.  The elderly folks who live there will not have to leave until September, 2016, but we will have access to the land and outbuildings.  Thanks to everyone who helped by loaning us money for this capital project.  You have saved us interest money and what is best we have built a trusting relationship with you.  Thanks again.  We will let folks know when we have other opportunities to invest in capital projects.

For everyone who is coming on Saturday if you can - PLEASE BRING EGG CARTONS!  We are desperate!  For folks who are not coming on Saturday, please bring your cartons to the first market that you will be attending this year or save them for the first drop off of the CSA.  These cartons mean a lot to us.  We do not recycle them, we reuse them.  This saves energy, time, pollution, etc.  Please join us in this effort to reuse not recycle!

We got our first batch of 100 broilers today!  They are enjoying their new home in the barn under the heat lamps. 

Gregg has been working in the high tunnel this spring.  He have quite a bit to show for his efforts including lettuce, kale, spring onions and tomatoes - well not exactly tomatoes yet but the plants have been planted!  Our greenhouse is going in full force.  Juan and Gregg were transplanting the small seedlings into larger flats today.  These flats will be then going out into the fields in a couple of weeks.  They were transplanting tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli and flowers today.

If you have not signed up yet for the CSA and are planning to - please do it now!  This year the numbers seem to be a bit low for the CSA.  Gregg is usually the negative one who claims that folks aren't going to be coming in at all.  Oliver is usually the optimistic one who claims that everyone is waiting for April and May to sign up.  I am not sure what to think.  We could have just had a very good couple of years and now things are settling back to the 2012 numbers.  In any case - it will help us greatly to make plans if we know how many folks to expect this year.


GREAT NEWS!  We have a new Farm Stand for Saturdays. 

We will still be at Westminster on Saturdays and also St. Luke's in Alexandria on Saturdays. We are also adding a new farm stand at St Mark's Episcopal Church on 6744 S. King's Highway, Alexandria on Saturdays.  This new farm stand will be opening on MAY 2.  The hours will be from 8 am until 1 pm.  If you live in this neighborhood please spread the word and come out to see us on May 2.

Opening of the farm stands and markets -

Farm Stand at NGS in the Courtyard will be opening on April 21 and every Tuesday thereafter from 8 until 2:30pm

 St. Luke's Episcopal Farm Stand in Alexandria will open on Saturday, May 2 from 8 - 1pm

 St Mark's Episcopal Farm Stand in Alexandria will open on Saturday, May 2 from 8 - 1pm

 DOT Farmer's Market on 3rd and M St SW in be opening on Tuesday, May 5 from 10 - 2pm

 Farmer's Market at East Columbia Library will be opening on Thursday, May 7 from 2 - 6pm

Westminster Farmer's Market will open on Saturday, May 16 from 8 - noon


The CSA will be starting on June 1 this year for the spring session.  We are looking forward to asparagus, lettuce, spinach, red beets spring onions, apples, radishes, peas and other great spring crops.  We hope you will join us.



Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.


Gregg, Louise, and Oliver Keckler

 Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm, Inc