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September 14 -17 at the Farm Stands

Posted 9/11/2013 4:04pm by Gregg Keckler.
  If you get this email and you have a neighborhood list serve available, could you please try to get this listed?  We would appreciate the business and your neighbors might appreciate the fresh local fruit and vegetables.

We are at the height of the season - having the MOST variety of produce and fruits RIGHT NOW!  So come out and enjoy the best time of the year!  


Come to the Farm Stand at National Geographic Society-
in the courtyard - 9 am- 1:30 PM Tuesday - September 17
Farmer's Market at  DOT this Tuesday September 17
Check out our Farm Stands  -SATURDAY, September 14
Farm Market Stand - Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church 
  Cedar Lane, Bethesda, MD  9 AM - 1 PM 

Farm Market Stand - St Luke's Episcopal Church 
Fort Hunt Rd, Alexandria, VA  8 AM- 1PM    

Farm Market Stand - Saint Mark Presbyterian Church
  Old Georgetown Rd, North Bethesda, MD  9 AM-1:30 PM  

  What's New

 MANY KINDS OF  Watermelon

Honey Crisp Apples

Sweet pears 

Winter Squash - butternut and spaghetti squash

Hot PEPPERS!     

Blue Ribbon Plums

Gala Apples

Snacking peppers   


This week at the farm stand: 

Get your peaches and heirloom tomatoes NOW! 

Veggies and Greens

    Sweet corn
    bell peppers 

    Red Tomatoes

  Cherry tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes     

    Red Beets 
    Swiss Chard 



  Sweet Candy Onions

  Green Beans 

Yellow Butter Beans     

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Spaghetti Squash

Butternut Squash 

Hot peppers



Snacking Peppers 






Early Gold Apples

Paula Red Apples

Zestar Apples - Like Honey Crisp 

Clapp's favorite Pears 

Yellow Bartlett Pears     






Mint Tea

Mountain Tea



Chocolate Mint tea 



Meats, Baked Goods and others

Beef  - our own

Honey - our own

Jellies and jams - our own

Cheese - Whispering Brook Farm - Great cheese made on the farm! 

Pies - peach, apple, and blackberry


Eggs - our own 

Come out and stock up on FRESH  vegetables, tomatoes, and delicious peaches!  The cantaloupe is great!  We have a great bi-color and yellow sweet corn!

Let us know if you would like to buy QUANITY of any fruits or vegetables.  We can do a bulk price.  If you are interested in seconds (not perfect) fruits or vegetables, let us know!   

Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm


Gregg, Louise, Sarah, Virginia, and Oliver Keckler