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Week 3 CSA

Posted 8/2/2010 9:58am by Gregg Keckler.
Dear Friends,
     August is here!  Time for corn, tomatoes, and cantelopes!  We are picking blackberries by the tons.  If you would like to purchase any extra blackberries, we will sell them to CSA folks for $5.00/pint.  You can freeze them or make jam with them.  Email us if you are interested.

    I have gotten quite a few deparate emails from folks asking what to do with eggplant.  If anyone has any good recipes for eggplant, please forward them  to me and I will put them on the blog for others to use.  It might help if folks have any recipes for using tomatillos.  Please let us know.

     Today Oliver and Sarah are butchering chickens.. Oliver decided to raise some free range meat chickens this year.  They decided to butcher the 12 largest birds today.  Next week they will do 20 more.  Oliver has about 50 more that won't be ready until September.  We will let you know particulars about buying them once they are frozen.

    As in past years we are having our neighbor, Mark Tuckey grow our corn for us.  We have done this for a while and it seems to work well.  Sweet corn takes a lot of space, equipment and spray.  We just don't have time for it so Mark does a great job.  We will have yellow Incredible and Mira, a bi-color.

This week's shares will include:  peaches, sweet corn, tomatoes, plums/apricots, tomatillos/cherry tomatoes, eggplant, blackberries

Gregg and Louise Keckler - Orchard Country Produce


Eggs $4.00/dozen
Butter $3.50 for a 1/2 lb block
Ground Beef $3.50/lb   sold in 1 lb packs

Following items sold in packs of 2  weight varies
Filet Mignon $13.99/lb
del Monaco  $9.99/lb
New York Strip $9.99/lb
Sirloin tip $9.99/lb
Sirloin   $9.99/lb
London Broil $9.99/lb

Honey Butcher Bologna $7.99/lb Sold in 1/2 and 1/4 lb packs
Sweet Butcher Bologna  $7.49/lb sold in 1/2 and 1/4 lb packs

Following items sold in packs approx wieght 4-8 oz each weight varies
Goat Goulda    $12.49/lb
smoked Cheddar $9.49/lb
sharp cheddar  $9.49/lb
Smoked jalapeno  $9.49/lb
Cheddar  $8.48/lb
Farmers $8.49/lb
Baby Swiss $8.49/lb
Italian  $8.49/lb