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What we're up to

Posted 3/25/2010 4:00pm by Gregg Keckler.

Today we finished pruning, transplanting, cleaning up all the black, pick, purple, and yellow raspberries.  Gregg and Oliver planted radishes, carrots,  and some direct planting of lettuce.  We have arugala in the greenhouse about 3 inches tall.  We have over 1000 tomato seeds started, head lettuce, kohlrobi, peppers. 

   On Monday Gregg and Oliver planted red beets, peas  and spring onions.  The man who plants our potatoes for us has planted all the little reds and he is trying to get the white Evas is between rains.  We are planting the little fingerling potatoes as well. They also finished pruning all the fruit trees.  Gregg is getting ready to spray the first blossoms.  Beleive it or not the fruit trees are beginning to blossom.  Spring is here!

We are hoping to get the red raspberries and blackberries  finished by the weekend.  Louise