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What's new this week at the Farm Stand

Posted 10/27/2011 4:14pm by Gregg Keckler.
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This week at the Farm Stand

Come out on Saturday morning 9 AM- 1 PM.
We are located in the upper parking lot of the Unitarian Universalist Church   9601 Cedar La, Bethesda. 

Check us out!

Send an email if you would like to order anything for delivery on Saturday.  If you need bulk amounts of apples, pears, pumpkins, or anything let us know.  We will try to provide it for you.  We want you to consider us your local farm!

For Facebook users, you can "like" our new Facebook page.  We will keep this page filled with updates and PICTURES!

We have great natural APPLE CIDER!  Our own blend.  Taste it for yourself - THE BEST!

Bosc Pears!


Jonagold apples 
Macoun Apples
Freedom Apples
Golden Delicious
Stayman Winesap
Ida Red
Sun Crisp
Granny Smith
York Imperial (the BEST baking apple)
Northern Spy (heirloom variety dating from the Civil War)
Fuji apples

We have great apples for sauce! One Pound Apples (heirloom),  Smokehouse apples (heirloom), and Greening


THE GREENS are coming back!  We have ARUGALA!  KALE,  SWISS CHARD!  Lettuce Mix!  Spinach!

Broccoli, Kohlrabi, cauliflower   Brussel Sprouts!
- great fall vegetables!

GREEN BEANS and yellow beans!

Sweet BANANA Peppers and bell peppers and HOT peppers.

RED BEETS!  Great size, Great taste 

Sweet potatoes!  Orange and white - very sweet

 Acorn Squash!  Butternut Squash! Buttercup Squash! Kiri squash! Carnival squash!  

Neck Pumpkins!  Small round pumpkins for decorating!  Miniature Indian Corn!

Fairy Tales!  One of the best winter squash for soup!

BIG, RED, WARTY THINGS! - a redish-orange pumpkin 



Nice green and red CABBAGE!  also Chinese Cabbage

EGGPLANT!  CARROTS!  Turnips!  Leeks!

BEEF -  Buy grass fed hormone- free beef for your cookouts!  Our own beef. 
       ground beef, round steak, sirloin, Delmonico steaks, fillet mignon,  and NY strip 

OUR OWN BOLOGNA!  Smoked beef bologna!

WE HAVE CHICKEN!  These are our own free range chickens.  These chicken weigh in at about 3 - 4  lb.  Nice size for grilling or frying  

 CHEESE- including dill/bacon, cheddar, smoked cheddar, sharp cheddar, smoked jalapeño, farmers, baby Swiss, tomato/basil and goat Gouda. 
The list of ingredients for these cheeses is simple:  unpasturized milk, vegetable enymes, sea salt - refreshingly short.

Free range eggs!  Our own eggs from our own chickens.

PIES - Blackberry Pie. Peach pie and Apple pies - We have our own pies.

Sweet breads - pumpkin and banana bread.  Perfect for tea or a dessert!

Honey - Our honey is straight from the hive to you.  Very flavorful

Jams - We have your favorites - Raspberry, Strawberry and some different ones - fruit and veggie jam, Mint Jelly and others.

Send an email if you would like to order anything for delivery on Saturday

Gregg and Louise Keckler -Orchard Country Produce
 Gardners, PA