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Winter Delivery #2

Posted 1/17/2012 4:28pm by Gregg Keckler.
Dear Folks,

If you are getting this email then we have gotten an order from you for our January Winter Delivery of fruits and vegetables.

 Our Delivery day will be on Thursday, January 19. This is our tentative schedule for the day. Gregg will be going to the DC area and Oliver will be in Columbia, Reisterstown, and Westminster.

 Gregg's run
 Gaithersburg - 5:00am
 Mt Vernon (Suzanne Odom' house) 6:00am
 Gangplank Marina - 7:00AM
 River Park - 7:30am
 10th St. - 8:15am
 William Penn House - 8:30am
 NGS - 9-12
Calvert Foundation - 12:30pm
 Cedar Lane UU Church
, Bethesda - 1:00pm
 JBS - 1:30pm

Oliver's run
Columbia - 10:00am
 Reisterstown - 11:45am
Westminster - 12:30pm

     Please remember that this is January. We are doing our best to keep our fruits and vegetables looking good. That does not always mean that they are perfect. Our stored things can not compete with the grocery store. Their vegetables and fruits are NOT local. This time of year if you want to purchase local things they are stored or maybe greenhouse grown like the lettuce and arugala, but certainly not field grown.

    So if you feel that the skins of your pears do not look good enough to eat, just peel them. If they get soft quicker than you were expecting, make a smoothie! I made a smoothie today with lime juice, pears and some kiwis. It was delicious and reminded my that even old pears have a good use. Be creative! Think of this as an adventure. How to eat LOCAL in January!

 Thanks for your support. It humbles us to see how you have put your trust in us.

 Gregg and Louise Keckler - Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm