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Winter Delivery - February

Posted 2/3/2012 10:24am by Gregg Keckler.
Dear Folks,

    Our vegetable department has shrunk drastically.  This is the hard times for local vegetables.  We still have butternut squash, but they do have some spots on the outside.  We have cabbage.  These are still in the field.  We pick them as we need them.  We are peeling the outside leaves.  So they are a light green color.  We have white sweet potatoes.  They are a little wrinkly, but still very good eating.
  We still have plenty  of apples.  Eat lots of apples! 

The earlier varieties - Stayman, Yellow Delicious, and Ida Red are softer varieties.
The tart apples are - Stayman, York, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Gold Rush, Suncrisp, Braeburn. 

We are offering Asian pears.  Dave Peters, a neighbor of ours had quite a few of his Asian pears in cold storage.  They taste great and look way better then our sooty blotched Bosc pears.

    When you get this email yuo may place your orders.  The store closes at 12 midnight February 13. The delivery will be on Thursday, February 16.  You can pay using paypal or you can use invoice and send us a check for the total.  There are still a few folks who have not sent checks for the January delivery.  Please send those ASAP.

ATTENTION:  You may not use River Park as a drop off if you do not live there.  River Park is for residents ONLY.

Thanks to all who have been supporting our winter delivery this year.  We look forward to bringing you local fruits, veggies, baked goods, and jams this month.

Gregg and Louise Keckler - Orchard Country Produce and Fruit Farm

Dates to remember-

February 13 midnight - last day to order from the store

February 16 - Delivery Day