CSA Information

Plans, Sizes of shares, Vacation policy
CSA Summer Share   CSAs help the community by providing fresh, local produce to customers.  CSAs also help farmers by guaranteeing a market for their products, eliminating the guesswork from marketing, and reducing waste. 

CSA Program:    

     Our CSA program runs from June through the third week in November.  

  • The  share is perfect for couples or families of 3- 4. Shares will receive 7-8 different items each week with at least 2 fruits included. 



CSA Half Share
OCP CSA Share:
Share, Fall Session

OCP CSA Share:
Share, Summer Session

OCP CSA Share:
Share, Summer Session

    Example   Share Size:

Spring Session: 1/2 lb asparagus, 1 bunch fresh shallots, 1 bunches spring onions, 1 bunches radishes, 1 qt strawberries, 1/2 lb lettuce mix,  1/4 lb rhubarb, 6 apples.

Summer Session:  1 pint blueberries, 6 peaches, a cabbage, 2 cucumbers, 2 peppers, 1 sweet onions, 1 qt new red potatoes, and 1 bunch of Swiss chard.

Fall Session: 6 honey crisp apples, 1 quart green beans, 1 spaghetti squash, 1 bunch red beets, 1 bunch carrots,  2 bell peppers, 6 nectarines.



Planting Fennel


Session 1

June 4 - August 25

Fruits and vegetables delivered weekly at one of our stands or Senate Square or Gangplank Marina

Cost - $360 if paid in March and April, 2018

Cost - $384 - after April 30th

add $60 for one dozen eggs/wk  or $30 for 1/2 dozen eggs/week

Session 2 

August 27 - November 17

Fruits and Vegetables delivered weekly at one of our stands or Senate Square or Gangplank Marina

Cost - $360 if paid in March or April, 2018

Cost - $384 if paid after April 30th

add $60 for one dozen eggs/wk  or $30 for 1/2 dozen eggs/week

Full Year - This price is  good when you sign up and begin paying in January and February, 2018

June 4 - November 17 

Cost- $658 for fruits and vegetables

Cost - $778 for Fruits and vegetables  plus one dozen eggs

Cost - $718 for fruits and vegetables  plus 1/2 dozen eggs


Since this is a significant amount of money at one time, we will offer a payment plan.  If you sign up and pay a $200 deposit (either by sending a check or visiting one of the winter stands ( St Luke's) and paying with cash, check or credit card.  We will begin a payment plan for you and remind you to make another payment or send a check once a month until the balance is paid.





Vacation Policy:

We allow vacations during the 2018 CSA Season.  You must let us know the week before your vacation and we will hold the box during your vacation.  When you get back you will get a double share.
If you do not want to get double shares, here are the other options.
1. You can arrange to have someone else pickup the share (friends, family, coworkers.)
2. If we are informed in advance, we can donate the share in your name to a local food bank/shelter.
3. If the vacation is such that you will miss your pickup day, but will be back in town during other market locations, we can change your pickup location for that week only. 
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